It's time to hear from the front line

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Ken is a community driven, family-oriented father and husband. He and his wife Christine, also a nurse, reside together in Charleswood for 11 years. Ken has 3 daughters and 1 son ages 13 to 23. Ken is excited to learn he is to be a grandfather just prior to this year’s election. Ken’s parents, at an early age taught him responsibility, integrity and work ethic. Ken has continually worked from childhood. As a high school graduate, Ken moved on to the University of Manitoba in 1991, partaking in courses in sociology, political science, and English literature. In 2004, Ken earned his nursing degree, with distinction, from Assiniboine Community College. Ken enjoys debating political and social issues, community and professional sporting events, time with family including his dog and parrot, sun and sand, and is an avid golfer.

casual photo of Ken St George Councillor Tuxedo Charleswood
“Once I identify the location of logic and common sense, this is the direction in which I am headed." Ken St. George, when asked of his stance within the political spectrum.