It's time to hear from the front line

During the 1990’s, Ken worked within multiple industries, which included restaurant and warehouse management. In 2004, he began his nursing career at Health Sciences Center, specializing in orthopedics. By 2006, Ken moved on to front line community health, a position which he remains committed to today.

During his twelve-year tenure as a community nurse he has been dedicated to the core area of Winnipeg. His commitment to care, for some of Winnipeg’s most vulnerable and marginalized, has fueled his desire to do more for the patients he serves. While providing front line service in the core, he noted many systemic gaps in services of health and housing. The core of Winnipeg is home to many whom suffer from addiction, mental health, and in some cases, there is no place for them to call home. It was the recognition of these gaps, that motivated Ken to plan and propose the Albert House Foundation in 2016. The service delivery model of Albert House is based on a housing first principle, supported by the holistic ideology of nursing, combined with Indigenous health and healing beliefs, to provide health and well-being to our vulnerable population. It was introduced to the homelessness sector in 2017 and has formed multiple partnerships and significant support from within the sector and at political levels.

Ken pursued this idea while maintaining a full-time nursing position, during his spare time and days off. Deemed by many as a leader, this is his commitment to the community in which he has worked within for years, and he wishes to do the same and have an impact to the community in which he resides, as your next city councillor. Ken has also been appointed treasurer of the condominium association in which his family cabin is located, within Manitoba’s Interlake region. For more information regarding Ken’s initiative Albert House Foundation please visit:

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