Yard Signs Available Now!!

Hello constituents of Charleswood Tuxedo; which now includes Westwood and St. Charles. Our signs are here!!! Get yours today, no fuss, no muss! We will put them up and take them down. Email to get yours!!!

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A Word From Ken

I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my website, and for your consideration of support for my candidacy as Charleswood/Tuxedo’s next city council representative. Each day, I commute from working in downtown to our own community, I am thankful. I am thankful that my family and I reside in a beautiful community, and I am thankful my wife and I have earned a living substantial enough to provide for our children as middle-class citizens. Life and prosperity for the middle class has certainly been re-defined over generations and is becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain. I see it and live it, as many of you do. I also see imperfections, and gaps within our community and its services, which I will be committed to improve as your council representative.

I want to keep our community and city modern, safe, beautiful, and harmonized. This is what is important to me. I also want to hear my constituent’s voices, no matter what the issue, so concerns can be relayed and lobbied at city hall. On a larger scale, our city continues to deal with significant issues which I also witness daily. As middle-class citizens, we can help those in need, for it is the middle class that is the heartbeat of our city, just as Winnipeg is the heartbeat of Manitoba, and Manitoba of Canada. Our constituency can make an overall difference to the well-being of all Winnipeggers, and it starts with your vote.

Allow me to be a thorough representative of our community, while promoting innovative ideas from a frontline perspective to problem solve, collaborate with council and mayor (incumbent or non), and shed light so we can make Winnipeg shine. Nurses are one of the most trusted professions globally, and I wish to show my constituents that this trust, combined with leadership skills, compassion and passion, and problem-solving skills will have a significant impact at city hall.

I have been a public servant and community leader for 15 years in downtown Winnipeg. I will exhibit this same determination to the community I reside within and adore. Lobbying and advocating is a strength of mine, I have proven this with Albert House. It is now time for me to do the same for Charleswood - Tuxedo as your next city council representative. I thank you for your anticipated support for this campaign and look forward to the opportunities this October.

Kindest regards,

Ken St. George

photo of Ken St George Councillor Tuxedo Charleswood and wife Christine photo credit Sunshine Photography by Tara http://www.sunshinephotographybytara.com/

photo of Ken St George and family Councillor Tuxedo Charleswood photo credit Sunshine Photography by Tara http://www.sunshinephotographybytara.com/

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I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email your comments to Ken.

PHONE 204 899 3540

“Delighted to see this dedicated champion of the most marginalized in our society running for municipal office. Ken's vision will ensure all Winnipeggers are valued with the right supports in the right place at the right time!” Rick Lees - Executive Director Main Street Project