Already Working for You!

"Having been a wheelchair user for over thirty years, I have encountered many people and situations and have not met a more genuine, caring and thoughtful person than Ken. He has a strong work ethic coupled with a desire to make a difference, just what you want in an elected official. Electing Ken is a good thing for all of Winnipeg." Les Semchyshyn Consultant, former nursing client of Ken's

"Hard worker and dedicated to whatever cause he is working on." Joan McKinnon, former nursing client of Ken's

"This great guy is a people's person with integrity and strength, let's make a difference and get him elected!" Carla Johnson RN, Nursing Colleague

"Delighted to see this dedicated champion of the most marginalized in our society running for municipal office. Ken's vision will ensure all Winnipeggers are valued with the right supports in the right place at the right time!" Rick Lees, Executive Director, Main Street Project

"I have met Ken through our work with Main Street Project, he is great guy. He is a progressive candidate, with vision, and we need to support his campaign for council." Sharon Blady, Mental Health Advocate, Former MLA and Minister of Health

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ken, I consider him an amazing nurse, a mentor and a friend. Winnipeg will be a better place with him leading the way" Annie Tran, LPN, Nursing Colleague

"Ken has the persistance and determination to make an impactful difference. I have seen the work Ken is willing to invest first hand in our community to make Winnipeg a better place." Robert Falcon Ouellette, Member of Parliament, Winnipeg Centre